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We Cheap Game Servers in the UK, no other Game Server Provider can beat us at in our prices, we thrive on supplying Cheap Game Servers, GTSGaming are a UK base Game Service Provider who aim to bring low ping, high speed game servers to its customers for the lowest prices on the web. Quality Cheap Game Servers hosting CSGO, Chivalry, Call of Duty 4, Wolfet and all other major steam games, we make sure that our current customers are very happy with our Services and we offer a very affordable price for a 32 slot server, costing Less Than 9.00 UK Pounds per month, no other GSP can beat that price, we at GTSGaming dont even charge you any VAT. We at GTSGaming Cheap Game Servers use TCAdmin 2 Control Panel, With its flexible design and powerful features TCAdmin was designed from the ground up to help todays Game Service Provider save time and money, while allowing end users complete control over their servers. With built in features for voice control, game control and a feature packed module that integrates with WHMCS billing System, our software offers you and your clients Total Control over their game servers.

See it in action, Username is demouser, Password is demouser

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A GTSGaming Sponsor Partnership at

GTSGaming have A Joint Partner Website,

We Only use the TCadmin Version 1 via gtsgameservers website, if your wanting to the tcadmin game panel 1, then please visit here to purchase your Game Server.

Tcadmin Panel Version 1 See it in action


  • Cheap Game Servers, we at GTSGaming Game Servers are run on High End Enterprise Hardware only. We are always making sure to run on top notch hardware and constantly replacing machines that is not fast enough.
  • Hard Drive

  • We only host Game Servers on Top Spec High end Hard Drives, Our Customers have an option to host Game Servers on ssd hard drives, Stop/Start your server with one click. Install the most popular mods with one click. Full FTP Access to your server. Reinstall your server any time you want with a single click.
  • High Memory

  • All Our Dedicated Game Servers for our Customers run a total of 192 GB of Ram on each Box, which is why our Game Servers keep up with fast pings, networks, CPU Processers, We monitor all our hardware and software 24/7. We make sure our systems are running optimal, to ensure the best possible gaming experience.
  • Network

  • We only make use of the most reliable networks, which are capable of handling top speed connections and contribute to the ultimate gaming experience! The best networks alongside the best hardware make for effortless, flowing, enjoyable gaming. We make use of redundancy in the network as much as possible. This means that, where possible, everything is setup double. Connections and other equipment all have identical backups. Even when something goes wrong, our customer won't notice a thing and can keep on playing. And that's what it's all about. We also have many peering connections to internet service providers around the world to make sure that traffic is being routed in the fastest possible way to ensure optimal gaming performance, be carefull when Purchasing your Game Servers from a GSP with poor networks with low latency, we have the best possible foundation to host fast and reliable game servers.

Our customers Testimonials

GTSGaming Game Servers host very good servers, super fast and with good steady ping, and the console works fine so i dont know what the other guy is moaning about, you have to enable it in the comandline, mate its simple really and standard stuff. works very good with workshop add-ons, not an issue for me, if you have large workshop add-on files, then upload the large files to your server and use the fast - download panel feature, as dedicated servers do not download large files from steam. You even get a free web - hosting website with your game server, what can i say, very good server and a good service all round. What really sets GTSGaming apart is the customer service. Support tickets are responded to rapidly or within a few hours, and he tries to be as helpful as he can be with your particular issue. He cares about your server, and it shows. Hands down, if youre looking for a server host, GTSGaming is the way to go.

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